Hello everyone! I’m Irina. I am a food photographer and food stylist who is passionate about capturing images, that reveal the beauty of real food. I find inspiration in developing healthy and nourishing plant-based recipes.

The idea of creating a blog came to me in the beginning of 2017, yet, it was fullfiled only almost a year later. I just wanted to create a space – a certain environment where people could find some useful travel and cooking tips, learn something new or get out of their daily errands.  This blog is created with a goal of sharing my passion and experience with travel, photography, food and health, beauty and all the things that get me inspired and make my life interesting.

Alongside the idea of developing healthy plant-based recipes, my eponymic YouTube Channel came into being where I have been sharing amateur videos related to heathy lifestyle, nutrition, and travel. That was a background, the basis for setting up a personal blog.

With the growth of my channel, it became necessary to extend that environment to create a diverse and original content of higher quality to share my knowledge and experience as well as personal observations – all the things that make my life fascinating and multifaceted.

Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

For any questions or inquiries, please contact me by e-mail: irina@irinakizimenko.com.

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